Meet your OneTrak team.

When you join the OneTrak program, you are fully supported by an experienced team of advisors and nutritionists, many of whom have grown up around dairy operations their whole lives, and even used OneTrak themselves.

Cassie Schulte, Ph.D., Dairy Sales Manager

Cassie Schulte, Ph.D.

Dairy Sales Manager

Cassie has been with Cargill for over 11 years and has led the dairy sales team for Branded Feed since February 2021. Before that, she was a technical lead for beef and dairy on the Branded Feed team and was heavily involved in the launch of OneTrak.

After graduating with both a B.S. in Animal Science and a B.S. in Agricultural Economics from Texas A&M, Cassie attended Michigan State where she earned an M.S. in Animal Science. Then she went back to Texas — this time to Texas Tech — to earn her Ph.D. in Animal Science with an emphasis in feedlot ruminant nutrition.

Ron Fehn, D.V.M., Dairy Technical Sales Advisor

Ron Fehn, D.V.M.

Dairy Technical Sales Advisor

Ron has been involved in the dairy business for his entire professional career, starting with establishing a veterinary practice in Beatrice, Nebraska after he earned his D.V.M. from Kansas State University. He later consulted with dairies in the Midwest and Southwest as a nutritionist. This is where he began using OneTrak himself. In 2018, the Branded Feed team gained his unique expertise when he joined us as a technical sales advisor for the OneTrak dairy program.

Dr. Fehn is a valuable member of the OneTrak team offering his experience and advice to OneTrak dairy customers. His understanding of the product and his applied nutrition experience with OneTrak makes him a great resource for our customers. He also works with consulting nutritionists who use OneTrak in their customers’ feeding programs.

Senior Sales Account Manager

Ward was born into the dairy life. He grew up on a small dairy farm in central Minnesota with 60 head of lactating cows and a few hundred cattle on feed. Ward spent decades managing both dairy and cattle operations and brings this experience to the OneTrak dairy customers he manages and advises. “I use my broad experience to help our customers with any issues or concerns they might have — whether that’s with their ration or any other part of their operation where I might have insight,” says Ward, “I simply want our customers to succeed, so I’m happy to help in any way I can.”

Sales Representative

Brady grew up on a dairy operation and joined the Branded Feed team in 2018 to manage and advise dairies using the OneTrak program. Brady helps OneTrak customers get the most value from the OneTrak program. “By using OneTrak, dairy farmers can help to ensure a certain level of stability in the production and health of their cows,” says Revels, “Fewer ingredients also decreases labor costs and increases employee engagement, which leads to more productive and profitable operations.”

Strategic Account Consultant

David has been in his current role since January 2021 and manages OneTrak dairy customers in the Southwest. Prior to joining Cargill, he was a business manager at Climate Corp., a division of Bayer Crop Science, where he managed sales for precision farming software in the western United States. David has also held positions in Elanco’s dairy business and companies focused on agricultural marketing and media. David brings a unique perspective to dairy operations with his blend of farming, technology and dairy experience.

Jeff Mikus, Ph.D., Dairy Nutritionist and Senior Technical Sales

Jeff Mikus, Ph.D.

Dairy Nutritionist and Senior Technical Sales

Jeff joined Branded Feed in October 2021. Before this, he was an independent nutrition consultant for dairies and feedlots. Prior to that, Jeff spent 11 years with Diamond V as a Technical Service Nutritionist, where he worked with many of the same customers and nutritionists that feed OneTrak. Outside of nutrition, Jeff has a deep knowledge of dairy feed centers and systems and is an excellent resource in those areas.

Michael Harlien, Strategic Account Consultant

Michael Harlien

Strategic Account Consultant

Michael joined Branded Feed in October 2021, managing OneTrak dairy customers in the Southwest. Prior to Branded Feed, Michael worked for Elanco for nearly 12 years, working with dairy, swine and feedyard customers. Michael has a passion for developing deep relationships with customers and thinking about ways to add value to their business outside of just our feed products.

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