Feeding a Branded, Modified Wet Corn Gluten Feed to Lactating Dairy Cows: A Meta-Regression Approach

July 22, 2022

Krogstad et al., 2021. Applied Anim. Sci. 37:559-573.

This study supports the claims of increased butyrate. Clearly, substitution strategy when including the modified wet corn gluten feed influences changes in the rumen environment. Butyrate concentration was increased when it was fed, which is important for rumen epithelial metabolism. Increasing ruminal butyrate concentration has increased blood flow to the rumen and VFA absorption from the rumen (Storm et al., 2011). Increasing VFA absorption resulting from butyrate has also been suggested by Herrick et al. (2017), who observed a concomitant increase in rumen pH with butyrate supplementation.

Increasing butyrate by feeding the modified wet corn gluten feed may improve VFA absorption from the rumen, which may aid in maintaining a healthy rumen pH. Increased ruminal butyrate concentrations may also be beneficial during the transition period, as it was accompanied by reduced liver lipid content of lactating dairy cows (DeFrain et al., 2006).

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