Rumen health and performance.
Made simple.

It’s hard to be consistent. So we make it easy.

Consistency in your dairy ration is one of the hardest goals to achieve on your own. The ration can be formulated to perfection on paper, but when executed you can get variations in ingredient quality, mixing errors and sorting at the bunk. With OneTrak, what gets formulated, what gets mixed and what gets fed is consistent every time β€” for consistent health of your herd and better performance for your dairy.

With OneTrak, you can count on:

Consistent quality in every load

We quality-test every shipment to ensure the same nutrition.

Simpler batch mixing

Fed at 38–44%, OneTrak means you have fewer ingredients to mix and less chance for error.

Dependable supply

Our logistics team ensures that OneTrak will always be there, on the farm and ready to feed β€” day after day.

Reduced chance of sorting

With its binding properties, OneTrak is harder to sort, ensuring consistent nutrition in every bite.

See why consistency matters > Value of Consistency whitepaper >

A new approach for higher performance.

OneTrak offers a new approach for dairies to greatly simplify their rations and feeding practices, while improving the rumen health, energy intake and performance of their herds. Optimally fed at 44%, OneTrak is a unique, high-energy feed product that eliminates the need for multiple sourced ingredients.

Improve the rumen,
improve everything.

See how promoting a healthy, stable rumen results in consistent consumption, higher energy intake and increased production.

Freedom from

OneTrak is created and produced by Branded Feed, a division of Cargill that offers you freedom from
conventional feeding practices.